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Claimin' Back Me Ship!

Avast ye scurvy deck-swabbers! This be ye Cap'n Dread Pire Robert! I've taken ye abil'ty ta be postin' in this har community! Ovar th'past coupl'o' years, I've taken notice to tha' rampant dipshittary what be posted here, and it be time ta put an end to all o' that! NOW: Some o' ye will get ye postin' rights back soon enough, but the REST o' ye will have ta' be PROVIN' ye're WARTHY o' me crew! Reckon I nevar seen a bunch o' maggot-rot shit-fer-guts bootblacks like ye all! So post ye with comments on this here entry and find out what every pire worth his sea salt must: whethar or nay ye've got tha' gulliver 'n' tha' guts ta be on tha' crew o' tha' DREAD PIRE ROBERT aboard me 1562 Frigate tha' BLUEFIN TUNA!

And while we be at it: Let's have an AYE fer PIRATES!!!
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